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I’ve long been looking for a straight-up technician-type intuitive counselor to help me work with my journey. So many times I’ve heard that I have to surround myself in white light, take salt baths, and do affirmations, or that all the bad things I’ve experienced were a result of my mindset. When I went through a life-changing minor TBI  in a car accident a few years back, an intuitive counselor told me I had brought this on myself, and my problems were a result of my incorrect thinking. There was a period where I literally believed something was wrong with me — all the teachers said so.


Lisa is beyond that, and helps me work with and affirm my journey as it is. Since I've worked with Lisa, I’m watching shame and shadow stuff present. It is such a relief for the first time in having all this mega-awareness to feel like it’s normal, to own it, and feel the knots release. My own specific archetypes and soul contracts are also up for review, and It is like spa-day for the soul to affirm that everything I’m sensing isn’t wrong, that I actually have these senses for a reason. Lisa’s style is to focus on the main jugular, the wholeness of a situation, and helps me get out of any either/or black/white tendencies. She’s grounded, exact, and calls me out when needed. Highly recommend if you’re looking to get some real traction in this awesome journey and feel better about who you are.

~ B - Seattle, WA


Recently Lisa has used her gifts and tools to help me along a very difficult journey. I highly recommend connecting with Lisa through her Intuitive Archetypal Astrology Consultations no matter what your situation may be. Thanks so much Lisa! Love you!

~K. Hendricks


I recently had an archetypal card reading with Lisa and was very impressed with her ability to pick up on archetypal patterns that are at the forefront of my life now. Lisa was able to accurately interpret the archetypal cards in a way that got me to see the deeper meaning of what’s going on and not just provide information in a superficial or mundane format. I feel the most important aspect of an intuitive reading is to walk away from it with useful information that helps one be present to patterns that are at work so that wiser decisions can be made. The clarity that I achieved helped me make choices based on what’s most practical and wise in my life right now. I feel one of Lisa’s talents is creating a space of vulnerability through her openness and understanding of a situation without judgement. Lisa definitely has the “counselor archetype” which is crucial for proper spiritual direction and guidance. I highly recommend Lisa for an intuitive reading to anyone who is willing to take a look at their life from a perspective of compassion and deeper meaning. Great work Lisa and thank you for your service!

~Marty Palinic – Intuitive Resource Guide
Soulful Transformations



I LOVED my reading with Lisa using Carolyn Myss’ Archetype cards. It was quick, insightful and powerful. Now I’m feeling reassured, relaxed and excited about what’s next, thanks to the divinely perfect cards I ‘picked’ together with Spirit. Plus, Lisa has a way of bringing her intuition, wisdom and understanding to the table for even more punch.

~Mena Canonico
Dare to Be Real



“Lisa White’s intuitive readings are such an amazing experience. Every time I feel stuck in my life she does a reading and gives accurate information on where the hold ups are. Lisa is open and honest and I don’t know where I’d be without her guidance.”

~T. Baringer

Thank you for the reading last night. It has resonated with me and I felt a sense of immediate peace and calm and a resolution of what I need to do next.

~Rebecca K.

“I enjoyed my reading with Lisa so very much. Being that this is the first time I had a reading dealing with archetypes I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was amazed at the accuracy of the cards and how relevant all of the insight and guidance provided was; it was a wonderful affirmation of my souls messages for me. I would absolutely recommend one of these delightful readings!”

~ Stephanie T

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