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All sessions are held on Zoom.  A Zoom link will be emailed to you the day before our meeting.

When booking astrology readings, please include birth day, time and city as well as a point of focus for the session in the comments section.

PLEASE  NOTE:  All sales are final and non refundable.  Rescheduling if done 48 hours prior to the originally scheduled appointment is allowed.  Simply contact me to reschedule.

Spiritual Witnessing  

The purpose of this session is to use the tools of the astrological birth chart, intuition and oracle cards to help you understand your set “wiring” and any significant cycles that you might be experiencing.  Upon occasion, mediumship may be utilized to connect with those have passed.


We will focus on a specific topic that you may have concerns or challenges with at the present moment.  In this reading, we will work together to bring perspective and shift energy around the topic and possibly address any past energy “knots” that might be a part of keeping you in a cycle of repeating patterns.  Thereafter, coaching can be continued to deepen understanding of yourself and to learn how to work with your particular energy, cycles and patterns.  The goal is to learn how to co create and flow with life authentically instead of trying to control it.  We will focus on developing and strengthening your ability to trust your own intuition and draw on your own individual power to create balance and the life you desire.

$250  (60 minutes)  



30 Minute Intuitive Check In

Sometimes, we just need a quick reassurance or insight into a challenge.  This session is an intuitive session to help you stay on track and focused on moving forward with ease and presence.

$100 (30 minutes)

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