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Embracing our Humanity

Deepak Chopra made a digital clone of himself and other celebs could soon follow...

Cloning...deep fake videos...

What is this increasing fear of death and the need to escape it?

What is the ego's need to make a mark and never be forgotten?

How can we embrace our experience of being human with all of it's foibles, insecurities, and imperfections?

What does it mean to be human?

I think there is beauty in our messiness and a sacred reverence for knowing that life is finite...that we have one chance for this experience...that we have the abililty to change and grow during our lifetime...that we stand on each other's shoulders as the generations pass...that no one is perfect.

With age comes wisdom...wisdom that is often not shared because of chasing a need to be "forever young". Watching a souless AI version of a guru that "improves" upon itself after his death misses the point of being a soul partaking in the vulnerable, finite experience of having a body. It misses the point of being an imperfect teacher and not "all knowing". It dehumanizes the reality that another human being might be able to add to it and take his work forward.

Astrologically, we have collectively been experiencing a transit known as Pluto in Capricorn since 2008. This transit will continue and amplify until 2024 when Pluto enters Aquarius.

Pluto asks us to look at the unconscious/shadow side of things and our power struggles around certain themes. It excavates poor foundations so that something new can be rebuilt to usser in a new paradigm.

Capricorn rules the Patriarchy, government, economics, infrastructure, responsibility, structure, time, authority and tradition. Since 2008 we saw the banking crisis, governmental power struggles, deteriorating infrastructures and patriarchal disappointments. We feel as we are running a marathon with no end in sight. Capricorn asks for strength, stamina and patience.

On December 26th, we will see Pluto beginning "to chat" with Aquarius as it moves closer to entering it completely in 2024. Aquarius rules the internet, rebellion, electricity, technology, AI, the visionary, idealism, innovation, liberation, earthquakes, energy, the collective and the humanitarian. Pluto will ask us to look at the unconscious/shadow side of these themes. Are our actions around these themes in service to collective healing or in service to ourselves and our own belief systems? Do we think we are the ones who "know better"?

What is the unconscious/shadow drives around AI, cloning and deep fake videos?

When Pluto comes knocking, it likes to sweep under the proverbial carpet and clear out what has been hiding under it so that we don't trip over an ever increasing lump.

When uncomfortable truths are revealed and seen about ourselves and the collective around us, we have choice. We can choose to sweep it back under the carpet and be reactive while being a victim who blames and shames or go deep to examine it and work toward healing. We can choose compassion for ourselves and others as we go deep.

Being mindful of our triggers helps facilitate conscious choice versus being reactive.

Being mindful of our triggers facilitates compassion for ourselves and others.

It'll be interesting to see what unconscious Aquarian themes start surfacing in the next couple of years as Pluto makes its transition from Capricorn to Aqarius. I'm sure more cloning will be a part of that as well as surprises and ethical questions regarding technology, the internet and AI. Telepathy might be more common. We might see some scandles regarding humanitarian people or organizations. Earthquakes and electrical/internet glitchs may increase. Community will become even more important.

During this time, embrace what it means to be human. Know that every kind thought and deed, even unnoticed, adds to collective healing.

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