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Behind Closed Doors...

I wrote this at a time in my life when I hid behind a closed door. I struggled. I was in pain. I was scared. But, between shame and pride, I was too afraid to ask for help.

Many are struggling right now. Be aware. Take note. Be of service. Help where you can. Ask for help if you need it.

This is a time when community needs to be healed and vulnerable truths need to be told.

Behind Closed Doors...

Behind closed doors, live the tears of fear that someone cries in the middle of the night.

Behind closed doors, exists the empty pantry and the hungry children.

Behind closed doors, hides the shame of someone who is afraid to share their moment of need because they might be judged.

Behind closed doors, dwells the anger and aggression of someone who feels powerless.

Behind closed doors, they are packing because it’s time to leave.

Behind closed doors, there is stress from trying “to hold on”.

Behind closed doors, bedtime stories go unread because there is no time.

Behind closed doors, it is cold because there is no heat.

Behind closed doors, there is happiness in the belief that reality can be created.

Behind closed doors, one can choose to watch the news or not.

Behind closed doors, is safety from what is really happening “out there”.

Behind closed doors, there is a belief that “you reap what you sow”.

Behind closed doors, it can’t happen to you.

Let us all open our doors…

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